Wesley Oaks Subdivision

Wesley Oaks Subdivision

CHISPA opened the ten-home Wesley Oaks subdivision at Carr and Fremont Streets in Salinas in 2013.  CHISPA developed this housing with support and financing from the City of Salinas.

In addition to providing funding for land acquisition, the City of Salinas received at $250,000 award from HUD to assit with financing energy efficient and environmentally-friendly features in the Wesley Oaks homes.  An additional $2,500 grant from PG&E funded the homes’ Green features.

The development uses photovoltaic panels to provide at least 10 percent of the project’s electricity demand.  Storm water is collected and treated on-site in a bioswale.  All homes have water conserving features, and energy efficient appliances and lighting.  Many of the materials used to build these home were from renewable sources or made with recycled content.  Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint and sealants and formaldehyde-free composite wood help to maintain good air quality.

CHISPA: Wesley Oaks Subdivision

Wesley Oaks Subdivision

Independent Living for Young Adults

One of the Wesley Oaks homes was constructed by Central Coast Residential Builders, Inc. (CCRB) to house young people who have been living in foster care during their childhood, but who have now aged out of the foster care system in Monterey County.

This home provides the first independent living opportunity for these young adults.  With support from Monterey County staff, these residents learn independent living skills such as budgeting, cooking, searching for a job, and the other skills that young adults need to develop in the first years of living on their own.

The home is fully accessible for people with disabilities and will also include environmentally-friendly and energy efficient appliances, lighting and materials.

CHISPA owns the home and it is managed by CHISPA Housing Management, Inc. (CHMI).  Supportive services for the residents are provided by the Monterey County Department of Behavioral Health.

For more information about the Wesley Oaks subdivision, please call CHISPA at (831) 757-6251.