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Buena Vista Subdivision in Hollister, CA 

CHISPA is constructing 13 affordable single-family homes on Buena Vista Road in Hollister, CA, adjacent to Buena Vista Apartments. Construction began in May 2017, with completion anticipated in mid-2018. Click here for a brochure on the homes.


Phase 1 homes

Phase 2 homes

Photo of Phase 2 homes


Street view of the homes

Street view of the site



Renderings of the Homes 

Note: These are conceptual renderings, and may not exactly match the finished product.




Single-family homes

Cambria Park Subdivision in Greenfield, CA

CHISPA is constructing affordable single-family homes in the Cambria Park Subdivision at Cardona Circle and Apple Avenue in Greenfield, CA.

CHISPA is accepting pre-applications to purchase a home in the Cambria Park Subdivision.  Applications are available at CHISPA’s main office located at 295 Main Street, Suite 100, Salinas, or at any of its South Monterey County rental properties.  For more information contact Carolina Nuñez by email at, or by phone at (831) 757-6251 ext. 137.

Under Construction

Seven new affordable single-family homes in Phase V (lots 27 through 33) along the south side of Cardona Circle were finished in October.

Five more homes in Phase VI (the last in the subdivision to be built) are also under construction (lots 35 through 39). Completion for Phase VI is expected in Spring of 2018.


Phase V, completed.

 Phase VI, Lot 37.

Phase VI, Lots 38 and 39.


Here are the Plans for the new homes:

Lot 35 – Marquina

Lot 36 – Addison

Lot 37 – Chandler

Lot 38 – Laurel

Lot 39 – Acacia (this home is available for purchase – information here)


Completed Homes


Cambria Park Phase III IMG_0106

 8 New Homes Completed January 2017

Lots 19 through 24


Below is our Zero Net Energy Home, a modified Marquina, on Lot 19. We constructed this home with design and financial assistance from PG&E.

A Zero Net Energy Home is highly energy efficient. Our goal is for our model home to use no more electricity than that produced by the home’s solar panels. Also, we designed the home to require very little heating gas because of the sophisticated insulation and heating equipment. For more information on Zero Net Energy Homes: visit


Junsay Oaks Senior Apartments in Marina, CA 

CHISPA is constructing 47 affordable senior apartments on De Forest Road in Marina, CA, adjacent to the Marina Post Office and MST Transit Exchange.

The long-awaited construction of Junsay Oaks Senior Apartments has finally begun! Ground was broken on December 18, 2017. We are now grading the site. Once the site improvements are done, we can begin working on the utilities.

We anticipate completing Junsay Oaks Senior Apartments in the spring of 2019.

 Photos of the Construction Progress

Photo of site from southeast corner.

Photo of large shovel digging.

Photo of path for shovel at construction site.

A rendering of Junsay Oaks as it will look when completed.Rendering of Junsay Oaks