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Cambria Park Subdivision in Greenfield, CA

CHISPA is now constructing homes in the Cambria Park Subdivision at Apple Avenue and Cardona Circle, next door to Cesar Chavez Elementary School Greenfield, CA. The homes are one and two stories with three bedrooms and two baths.

Sixteen homes have been completed and sold.  Eight homes are under construction in Phase IV.  One home will be a rental.  Two are under contract.

 CHISPA is accepting pre-applications to purchase a home in the Cambria Park subdivision.  Applications are available at CHISPA’s main office located at 295 Main St., Ste. 100, Salinas or at any of its South Monterey County rental properties.  For more information contact Carolina Nunez at 831-757-6251 x 137 or email her at

Completed home photos from Phases I, II and III


Site Plan of the Subdivision

House Models and floor plans for Phase IV homes, currently under construction:

Lot 19 – Marquina (1,169 sq. ft.) Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home

Lot 20 – Somerset (1,294 sq. ft.)

Lot 21 – Marquina(1,169 sq. ft.)

Lot 22 – Addison (1,169 sq. ft.)

Lot 23 – Acacia (1,294 sq. ft.)

Lot 24 – Marquina (1,169 sq. ft.)

Lot 25 – Chandler (1,294 sq. ft.)

Lot 26 – Addison (1,169 sq. ft.)


wells fargo logo 2012

Wells Fargo Priority Markets provided a pre-development grant for the Cambria Subdivision.

Some construction financing for this subdivision was provided by the HUD Neighborhood Stabilization (NSP2) Program



Buena Vista Subdivision in Hollister, CA

CHISPA will begin constructing homes in the Buena Vista Subdivision at 890 Buena Vista Road, next door to our new apartment development, Buena Vista Apartments. The homes are one and two stories with three bedrooms and two baths. Click here for a brochure on the homes.

Site Plan of the Subdivision

House models and floor plans for the homes:


Model 1: Horizon (1,603 sq.ft.)

 Floor Plan and  Reversed Floor Plan



 Model 2: Hillcrest (1,730 sq. ft.)

Floor Plan
and Reversed Floor Plan



Model 3: Sunrise (1,826 sq. ft.)

Floor Plan, 1st Floor and Floor Plan, 2nd Floor

Reversed Floor Plan, 1st Floor and Reversed Floor Plan, 2nd Floor