CHISPA Workers

CHISPA (Community Housing Improvement Systems and Planning Association, Inc.), the largest private, nonprofit housing developer in Monterey County, has built more than 2,300 affordable single family homes and multi-family and senior apartments  since its incorporation in 1980.    


CHISPA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit Community-based Housing Development Organization (CHDO) overseen by a nine-member Board of Directors with diverse backgrounds and experience in law, agriculture, education, banking, and business. 


CHISPA’s philosophy is that high quality housing should be available to all people, not just those with high incomes.   We have several different programs that are designed to provide housing for low-income people:



  • NSP2 (Neighborhood Stabilization Program)
  • Cambria Subdivision
  • Wesley Oaks Subdivision


  • Family Rentals
  • Senior Rentals

CHISPA integrates community service programs at its family and rental developments. These educational opportunities and services help our residents improve their lives and become more informed and active members of the community. Literacy classes, parenting programs, and health screening programs improve the lives of our adult residents. After-school programs and music classes keep our residents’ children active and focused.  Free on-site computer centers are used by adults and children.


CHISPA’s rental and cooperative developments are managed by the corporation’s property management subsidiary CHISPA Housing Management, Inc., commonly referred to as CHMI.


CHISPA has invested more than $135 million in the Monterey County economy over the last 31 years by hiring local labor and purchasing construction materials from local suppliers.


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